Tuesday, 4 November 2008

When We Were Young, Impetuous And Dog Free

The ride in this morning was fine at first but then that annoying drizzle started, you know, the kind that doesn’t feel as though it’s making you wet but it sneaks up on you over time and before you know it you're drenched.

L thanks me for photo of the half-naked man in lycra but it's not the man, or the lycra, it's the wound that gets her pulse racing. I shall have to try and get myself some comparable wounds for her to marvel at.

I've given up on the sandwich vans and instead purchased enough stuff from Sainsbury's yesterday to make my own lunch, which surprisingly doesn't work out much cheaper. Perhaps I should stop buying proper meat and buy the same stuff they put in those pre-packed sandwiches and cheap white bread.

Possible brownie points to Sainsbury's who say they intend to challenge the EU ban on selling 'ugly' fruit and vegetables, that is produce that doesn't meet their rules on size and shape such as 'forked' carrots, ones that have more than one root. 20% of what's produced in this country goes to waste. Of course, Sainsbury's are only really thinking about their bank balance but for once they do have a point.

Back home, I take the boys out for a run and offer the chance to L, to brighten it up for us. She declines, the curse of 'Billy no mates' strikes again. She wants a road run and does our old 'Derby Road' route. Which makes me a bit jealous and all nostalgic, it would be just like old times, we used to do that run when we were young, impetuous and dog free, followed by a leisurely shared bath and later a few pints down the pub. Unfortunately, that route isn't dog friendly and that's the whole point of my run tonight, also I don’t think the squirt is up to running that far yet.

So we hurtle (I'm attached to the aforementioned squirt) around our usual route where we surprise a young couple lurking in the dark around the back of the pond. Although I think it freaks us out more than it does them. They won't do it again after the telling off MD gave them. Afterwards, we jog up to meet L and MD welcomes her with the traditional muddy front paws into the stomach greeting.

Derby win their delayed cup game 4-1, ok so it was only Brighton but it's a real novelty to win through three rounds of any cup competition. Bring on the Leeds.

We have an early night, which means we can send MD to bed in the kitchen, get some peace and pretend we're young, impetuous and dog free again.

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