Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Real Interaction

I should have ran to work again today, because I'll be struggling to fit much more training in this week, but my legs ache, having nearly done two 10k’s yesterday. I pass L with two very calm dogs on my way to the bus. Not ours surely?

In the news is a pub in Walton-on-the Naze, Essex which has put reindeer on its Xmas menu, at the request of members of its anti-Christmas Humbug Club. They feel that eating reindeer will go some way to spoiling everyone else's Christmas. I like their style.

I also read about a new book called 'The Art Of Conversation' by someone called Catherine Blyth. She says she's tired of our 'virtual' society and wants us to relearn the joy of real interaction with real people. Her dictum is that conversation is second only to sex; a lot less faff and you can do it with anyone you like without getting into too much trouble. There's not much evidence of real interaction on the Red Arrow this morning.

I'm on the bus because I'm out doing a bit of real interaction myself this evening : - a good chat, a few beers and an all you can eat Chinese at the appallingly named Wokmania. Its ok though, better than the other Chinese my mate usually takes me to. It's also quiet busy. Imagine how manic it would have been if it didn't have such a daft name.

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