Thursday, 27 November 2008

The First Cut Is The Deepest

Still not done much training this week, Tuesday apart. I had intended to do an early morning jaunt around the pond with the boys but it was just too nice huddling up to the thermostatically challenged one and the fact that I was pinned down by not one, but two collies on my legs.

In the car again because it's pub day. The traffic was quiet for a change, probably something to do with the M1 being shut again, so perhaps that's where everyone was.

L's distraught because she's started her Christmas shopping today, breaking all her own rules about not starting before the 1st December. You wouldn't catch me doing that, I probably won't even have gotten around to starting a fortnight after that.

I need to do a run or something, so after I get home I take the dogs out for the run, that I didn't do this morning. It has to be a quick one because I'm playing squash at 7pm. It's also raining which doesn't help. I think I probably make it a bit too quick for MD, he's hanging off his lead by his teeth by the end which isn't much help either.

I get home, a quick change, then off to squash, stopping on the way to drop L's running stuff with her and collect her work stuff, so that she can run home. Naturally, the rain stops for her.

The things people will do to get into my blog and that seems to include me. Squash starts off rather well. I win the first game quite easily, my warm up run obviously helped. Although I lose the next two, I win the fourth, again quite easily, so we go into a decider. That wasn't going quite so well, in fact, I think I was 12-5 down, although it's all a bit hazy now... but anyway there really was no need. No need at all for my opponent to take such a wild swing at the ball whilst I was stood right behind him. Smack. Straight across the eye socket.

It was obviously worse than it felt because he took one look at me lying on the floor in a pool of blood and immediately offered an abandonment or perhaps he was just worried about the council landing us with a cleaning bill because of the mess I was making of their floor.

Turns out, he's landed me with nice deep cut below the eye and most likely a black eye as well. I suppose I should have gone to A&E to get it seen to but faced with the choice of four hours in casualty or a pint of anaesthetic in the local hostelry, I opt for the later. As the concerned landlord points out, I could have a scar for life but faced with that or spending all evening in casualty... I'll take the scar thank you very much and can you please stop worrying about me dripping on your carpets and refill these two glasses please.

It seems my rapidly swelling eye could almost be as good a babe-magnet as a collie pup is. I become a major talking point in the pub, people I don’t know coming up and checking I'm alright.

Medication taken, I head home to L, who hasn't got my distress call and instructions to get the frozen peas ready because I've forgotten that I've got her mobile in with her work stuff in the boot of the car. In the end, I forgo the frozen peas and open a Leffe or two instead. Must keep up my medication.

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