Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Clash Of The Former Titans

L got in first with the night out tonight, she's at Blood Brothers and I volunteered to dog sit as I've seen it several times. How was I to know Derby would get through to the 4th round of the cup and then end up in a clash of the former titans with Leeds. So today, I'm in the car again, so that I can hurtle back home to run the dogs before heading back to Derby for the match.

Today is Remembrance day and a study from our very own Nottingham University reckons that wearing a poppy makes a man appear sexier because women rate altruism highly. Hmmm. The question is will it look silly with my lycra whilst cycling into work.

After work I head home, do a lap of the pond with the dogs, grab a sandwich, and then head back to Derby for the game. It's not a particularly big crowd, mainly because the price of £20 a ticket hasn't gone down well. It's a bit steep for a game against a third division side but apparently, according to the three Leeds supporting friends I've got tickets for, it's a third Division side that will whup our asses. Which presumably means they're bringing their own referee just like the Forest did.

Twenty minutes into the game, its all one-way traffic, we're 2-0 up and I'm wondering how many more we're going to score. Then Leeds take over and dominate possession for the rest of the game. Somehow, they only get one goal back and we run out rather fortunate 2-1 winners. Quarter finals now. Blimey.

After a swift one in the pub afterwards, I reconvene with L at home and we take a whisky to bed to compare events. MD has been a rather long time out in the garden and when he returns, he brings a rather disgusting pong with him. His ears were already crispy from where he'd rolled in something earlier and now he's been out topping it up, so we end up administering a late night doggo bath, which he absolutely loves.

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