Monday, 24 November 2008

The Estranged Brother

Finally, we have a gig in the diary for 2009. The Shockwaves NME Awards Tour has two of our favourites Glasvegas and White Lies involved this year, along with Friendly Fires. Rumour has it that Son, who appears to have taken a liking to Rock City, could be joining us.

Good old Gordon lowers the rate of VAT to 15%. This is supposed to help the economy but how many badly written computer systems is this going to crash and all at only a few days notice. It could end up costing companies more than they save. We hurriedly start checking all our own 'well written' systems.

We head off to our dog classes and L texts me to say that Doggo's estranged brother has made an appearance at hers. His owner is the dog trainer there. Doggo has never really got on with him but hey that's family for you. I tell Doggo the news and he immediately starts looking around with a worried expression on his face. No mate, he's not here. I tell L to get MD to pass on a head butt from Doggo but MD's already done that. It was the first thing he did. Must be doggie telepathy.

I get home and knock up a childfree curry, which means it can be hot. L recovers from an evening spent training with MD in the only way possible with a naughty glass of wine. I join her in her naughtiness.

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