Thursday, 20 November 2008

Preventative Measures

No run or bike today because I have to take the car in to the garage this morning for a wallet busting 40,000 mile cambelt change. A necessary evil because I've had these go on me before. Although it has to be said that the preventative measures are getting almost as expensive as the likely repair bill would be.

L leaves the house before me, so I'm tasked with the job of getting MD in out of the garden. Eventually and reluctantly he comes in, that tree just so needed barking at.

Then when I get home later, someone has redecorated the kitchen floor with table mats, tea towels, a t-shirt, a pair of wellies and a broken cereal bowl. I scoop up the four-legged culprit and chuck him in the boot of the car along with his accomplice, then I drop them both off at the gym for L to frog march them back home before heading to squash.

This week I have the energy to maintain a challenge throughout all our games. Despite this, I still only manage to win one of them. At least the beer in the pub afterwards tastes like beer this week.

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