Monday, 3 November 2008

Misdirected Activities

As I drive to work this morning, I pass Son who is walking a very confused looking Doggo back from his paper round. That's Son's paper round, not Doggo's. Although I may have mistaken the confusion of being with Son for relief at not being with MD.

You can never be too careful. The woman who was spotted tied up and naked near a Hampshire railway station and the man in camouflage who was seen with her, have turned up at a local police station to admit that their actions were nothing sinister. As the police wonderfully put it, just a 'misdirected leisure activity'. Which will probably appear on YouTube at some point.

This follows a few weeks after a naked man who was pulled out of the chimney of a Tesco's supermarket in Wigan. Although he was arrested on suspicion of a 'misdirected burglary activity'.

L seems to have taken a novel approach to sticking to her diet, she admits to not being able to afford lunch for the rest of the week after purchasing the new Girls Aloud album. Personally, I think I’d rather have lunch but each to their own.

MD's training is off tonight due to the proximity of Bonfire Night and the potential proliferation of misdirected pyrotechnic activity in our area. Doggo's training however is on, although we could do with a Roman candle or two to light up the arena because when we get there the lights don't seem to be working. It appears, and none of us knew this, that the lights are on a meter and it needed £2 putting in it. As if this training lark isn't already expensive enough.

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