Thursday, 13 November 2008

A Spent Force

I'm sure L would have liked me to stay off work but staying off isn't really my thing and I don't think I have or had anything contagious. Which is shame; there are a few customers I'd like to pass something on to. I'm also feeling a lot better, I even had breakfast. I’ll be up for everything by tonight.

I even make the pub at lunchtime and can proudly report to L that I’ve eaten one of the Flowerpot's huge lunches, which is no mean feat even when you're well. I don't totally enjoy my pint, so I must really be ill but it's all good carbohydrate!

I'm feeling quite dynamic now, so I decide to go ahead with tonight's squash match. I do need to do something activity or else I'll be totally useless come Sunday.

I drive the boys up to L who's having a 'pure vibe cycle' at the gym, so that she can walk/hobble them home. She's hoping she's picked a tougher spin class this time and is hoping to be hobbling, that is if she is able to climb off the bike at all.

She's working her way through all the spin classes, the one she did last week was a bit too easy even for an anti-cyclist like her. Problem is it's almost impossible to find out which are the hard sessions and which are the easy sessions because none of the staff seem to know and the council themselves give the sessions daft names rather than levels or something useful. I suppose if they told you what all these sessions were then people would want to do them, they’d end up making money and that’s not what councils are supposed to do. You’re supposed to randomly pick the wrong session, not like it and then never go again.

I'm tempted to do one myself and when L's vetted them all and found out what the best one is, I might do.

Squash is tough on low energy levels. A close 16-14 defeat in the first game leaves me drained and by the end of the second game, I'm a spent force. I have no strength in my legs or arms. It was a useful cardiovascular workout though.

Then for the second time today I have a pint that I don't really enjoy. Then it's home to the 'early nighters', although MD doesn't appear too ready to settle down tonight, so he gets banished to the kitchen extra early and after some of L's toad in the hole, I'm feeling less of a spent force than I thought I was.

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