Wednesday, 12 November 2008

A Night Can Never Be Too Early

It's coldish today, so I go for the hot drink option. I have some sachets of Mocha, so thought I'd try that. It's easier than making hot chocolate with milk. Problem is, as it's only hot water I add, it is far too hot to drink at my usual drinks stop. I'm almost at work before it cools down enough. I think next time it has to be part hot, part cold water.

Burnt lips apart the ride was good, although by the time I arrive at work I'm feeling a bit ropey. I fear I have a touch of this lurgy that's going around, although I felt fine first thing this morning. This isn't good news with Sunday's run looming on the horizon. I admit my ill health to L, who promptly slaps a ban on snogging and tells me to get a healthy lunch. Of course I will, I can already hear the Oggy van in the distance.

I feel worse by lunchtime and consider going home but neither option of the bike home or the walk to the bus, because I don't have many layers with me, appeals. So I stick it out.

I feel better later, I won't elaborate why, so I bike home. This doesn't help and saps all my energy. I skip my swim, preferring to head straight home. Where I dive under the bedclothes to warm up and the dogs, bless them, share their body heat with me.

The rest of the evening is a bit of a dead loss, I skip dog class too and turn in early, which seems to fit in well with the 'early nighters' in the house, L and both the dogs, who all think a night can never be too early to turn in.

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