Monday, 17 November 2008

A Violent Indoor Hailstorm

L and I are having similar problems this morning. She can barely sit, which I think is by-product of yesterday's race. Whilst, I have a touch of Jalfrezi belly but you didn't want to know that. L reckons that we're reversing roles because I'm going for the 'hotties' now. I think she's on about curries.

We haven't managed to get MD up to the Lakes yet, where we've spent quite a lot of time over the years with Doggo. His first encounter with great numbers of sheep may not go well, as he's already eradicated two 'sheep' within our household. Firstly, he dealt with our sheep footstool, made out of real sheep's wool. So, that has now been safely re-homed in a cupboard, away from his grasp. Our other sheep, the doorstop, is now destined to join it, although it will need hospital treatment first.

I didn't realise that it was filled with thousands of little plastic balls. That was until I came home tonight to witness what at first I thought was the aftermath of a rather violent indoor hailstorm. There were hundreds of little plastic balls scattered across the kitchen floor. I bet he had such fun.

He'd also managed to roll in something, so we had a double clean up operation before we could head off to our dog classes.

At class, Doggo's conversion into MD continues at pace. Hmmm, perhaps it was him who trashed the sheep? He was growling aggressively at his ball and even getting a little excited as he did his agility. Everyone was stunned, whose dog was that squeaking? Surely not good old calm Doggo?

Last night MD got another chance at not being shut in the kitchen, which he totally failed to take. That's even before taking into account any incidents with innocent sheep, so he's back confined to barracks tonight.

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