Saturday, 8 November 2008

Empty Handed

I spend the day today at a dog show near Grantham. It's not a totally serious event, a sort of a 'friendly' in football terms. In fact, they give you two attempts at each course with your best time counting but this isn't a great help now that we're in grade 6. On the agility course we're second after the first run as a lot of dogs get faulted. We do a storming second run, knocking nearly three seconds off our previous time and... drop to sixth. Great. Everyone who cocked it up first time, got it right second time. Grade 6 dogs will almost always go clear if you give them two goes at everything. That said sixth isn't bad but the prizes only went down to fourth. A similar thing happens in the jumping where we finish 8th. For once, we come home empty handed.

L and Daughter are out seeing a couple of films, so it's quite late when we get down to the pub. We walk down to the Johnson Arms beer festival, which isn't terribly exciting but the Everards Old Original is ok. We leave the dogs at home, which saves us the embarrassment of having to prise MD's teeth out of the pub furniture.

The best news is the pub now offers an email alert service to tell you when certain beers are on. I sign up naturally, we'll see if it works.

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