Friday, 21 November 2008

An Oddly Familiar Melody

I bus and run this morning. While sat on the bus, trying in vain to find something newsworthy in the Metro, I can faintly hear an oddly familiar melody. Then I realise that the girl in front of me is playing Slade's Merry Xmas Everybody on her ipod. You just don't do you? You listen to it when it's played to you in Woolworths and at the office Christmas party, you even quite enjoy it but no one seriously puts this on their ipod. Do they?

Back to reality, Kings Of Leon on my Ipod and the run into work, which was hard but oddly pleasant. I'm finding it surprisingly difficult to get my fitness back after my brief illness.

Hot on the heels of World Toilet Day, today is World Philosophy Day. So, an opportunity to contemplate one's existence or other important matters. For instance, is this glass of orange juice that I'm drinking, half-full or half-empty? Neither, I finish it and go get another.

You won't read anything about it in the media but the second cycling World Cup race starts today in Melbourne, Australia. Our all-conquering GB team have only taken a team of three to this round - Joanna Rowsell, Lizzie Armitstead and Katie Colclough. Despite the small team, two gold medals are delivered on day one yesterday, Rowsell winning the individual pursuit and Armitstead the scratch race.

It's a peaceful house at home tonight, what with Son in his room and Daughter out partying again. L suggests we shut the dogs out to complete the ambiance. Such decadence. Then we take the animals up the Plough, where hurrah, at long last, Sooty Stout is on.

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