Friday, 14 November 2008

Delicate Equilibrium

My illness is fading I think. Even L says I seem more sprightly this morning. She may be right, possibly only a collie sucking the bedclothes between us, prevented us being late for work.

Despite feeling sprightly, I still wimp out and take the bus. With a race on Sunday, I don't wish to risk further upsetting the delicate equilibrium that is my body at the moment. It was almost a costly decision, as I had to step over a bucket full of loose change to get on the bus. Quite dangerous it was. I wonder if Health & Safety at the bus company have been informed. It wouldn't be Children in Need tonight by any chance would it?

Once at work, I have to grin and bear it as my colleague celebrates the first 'five in a row'. That is five consecutive days on the bike. I console myself in that it's only 100 miles in total and my previous four in a row record adds up to nearly 120 miles. In any case, I could do five physically, logistically it's not so easy and now he reckons he's taking the whole of next week off, which somehow dilutes the whole achievement.

Someone spots a group of Mexican bandits wandering up our road, rattling tins and the whole company pretends to not be in. We're not charity adverse really but I have a feeling we're going to get a whole day of this. In the end, we send a salesman down with the company credit card. That gets rid of them.

I hope there are none of these silly outfits in the pub tonight; it doesn’t take much to unhinge a collie.

We walk over to the pub in Beeston and charity collectors aside, there's another reason why we need our dogs to be on their best behaviour. We don't want a situation like the one with Hatty the Lakeland terrier. She was barred from her local in Prestatyn for chewing beer mats. I point this out to MD, as I remove his teeth from one of the pub tables.

She's now been allowed back in but only if she wears a high-visibility vest, so that she can be seen at all times. The landlord didn't have much choice really, as his dog loving regulars threatened to start boycotting the pub.

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