Monday, 10 November 2008

Soggy Bedclothes

It was a horrendous drive in this morning and took me an hour. Things started off badly when I discovered some temporary lights just a mile down the road that I didn't know about, and then who knows what had caused the A52 tailbacks. Two wheels for the rest of the week then. Oh hang on, can't tomorrow, there's a match nor Thursday I'm on pub duty. Damn.

L's out with the dogs as usual but she having to avoid the University pond where the ducks are because not only is MD seeing them off but now Doggo is too. MD really is becoming a bad influence on Doggo. He used to walk calmly past the ducks but now he joins in with the barking and growling. All sounds quite embarrassing. He'll be jumping up and biting his lead soon.

L promises me a slag food night tonight when we both get back from our respective dog training adventures. I love it when she talks dirty to me.

After training and a bit of slag, I try and do some emails and some blogging on the computer, all the time with MD sitting impatiently under the computer table. I have to continually keep lifting him off the power cables with my foot. He keeps trying to electrocute himself by nibbling on them.

Eventually I give up and we head to bed, MD doing his usual trick of sucking the bedclothes. At least it keeps him occupied but we do get soggy bedclothes. I eventually unstuck his lips and take him to his own bed, then return to warm my cold feet on L which gets a better response than the normal short shrift that I get.

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